TUTS (TOTS UNDER TWO!) – A more elementary version of the regular Parent & Tot class; still practicing coordination, strength, and balance, but in a less structured environment allowing more free play.

BEGINNER PARENT & TOT – Little tots practice coordination, strength and balance using beginner gymnastics skills in a fun environment accompanied by a parent/grandparent/caregiver. The adult stays by the child’s side to help them walk, balance, climb, and follow along with the class in general. The coach will demonstrate and provide assistance where needed. Class format: 1. free play/exploration time 2. circle time (warm-up and stretch) 3. skills and activities 4. circle time (cool-down)


INTERMEDIATE PARENT & TOT – A progression of Parent & Tot class. Tots that are able to follow the structure and able to do 75% of the skills in the beginner class are invited to join this class.


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED TOTS AND KINDERS – Pre-school and kindergarten aged children who have shown exceptional interest, strength, coordination, and listening skills, will be taught in a smaller group setting and learn more challenging gymnastics skills.


SOCIAL-ED GYM – Great for children with special needs or those learning English as a second language (ESL). It is a gym class designed with a social and educational component. Uses interactive activities to help children practice appropriate behaviour in a social and group environment. The educational portion focuses on literacy.



SIBLINGS CLASS – Have twins? Or children with different ages you wish could do classes at the same time? Now offering Sibling classes to facilitate your special schedule and child juggling needs! Requires one or both children to be a bit more independent and requiring minimal help from paren. For example, you may have a 2yr-old (parent assisted) and a 4 yr-old that is mostly independent and can follow class instruction. Format same as regular Parent & Tot. Size and cost vary based on a mix of ages and children. See other class descriptions as guidelines and please inquire if interested.


BEGINNER SCHOOL KIDS GYMNASTICS – School aged children will be building a good foundation for gymnastics, focussing on safety landings, and strength, balance, flexibility and tumbling skills development. Introductory use of various women’s and men’s gymnastics apparatus.


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED GYMNASTICS– School aged children will be taught in a smaller group setting to learn more challenging gymnastics skills, with more focus on women’s or men’s (respectively) gymnastics apparatus.



A program tailored specifically for your child that will help to build strength, coordination, and confidence that translates to other sports and other areas of life. Starjumper Gym aims to help each child realize their potential and jump for the stars!
Different type of programs available:
• Introductory Gymnastics – For all ages who have never done gymnastics before and want to learn basic gymnastics skills in a safe environment with individualized attention.
• Skill Builder Gymnastics – For students that have taken some gymnastics lessons or are currently enrolled in group classes (at Starjumper or elsewhere), and want some extra help or to accelerate their learning.
• Competitive Gymnastics preparation – For students interested in entering competitive gymnastics in the future. This program will focus on strength, flexibility and skill development that can be transitioned into competitive gymnastics.
Advantages of private lessons at Starjumper Gym:
• Tailored program for your child
• Fundamental training available for all men’s and women’s gymnastics apparatus
• Support in gym shopping when you graduate from this gym
$28 to $60 per hour, based on the following factors:
• Committing to a regular schedule for lessons (e.g. weekly lessons)
• Enrolling more than one child
• Doing more than one hour per week
• Advance payment for the term
• Other circumstances? Let’s talk!
(sample private lesson prices for other gyms in the Vancouver area range from $30 per half hour to $80/hr.)


CUSTOM GROUP CLASSES – If you have a group, such as a playgroup, homeschool group or family group and would like to have a class that fits your schedule. You may also request instruction in other languages (French, Cantonese, Mandarin). Please inquire if you are interested.