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Payment Options


Payment is accepted at Starjumper Performance, Inc. in the following order of preference:

  1. Cheque
  2. Cash
  3. Credit (notice required)

We will pay the taxes for cheque and cash payments. Please give advanced notice if you need to use the credit card option, as equipment needs to be set up for it. We cannot process debit card payments at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Attendance and Missed Class Policies


Regular Group Classes

Classes are prepaid for the season. Two missed classes can be made up in another class time of equivalent level or at drop-in class. Up to 2 missed classes per season can be accommodated in this way, and the makeup classes must be completed before the next season unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Intermediate/Advanced Group classes

As above with regular group classes, missed classes may be made up in another equivalent class (if available), or in a drop in class, though it may not be the same level. For Intermediate/Advanced classes where a number of participants are kept low to facilitate learning of higher-level skills, the classes usually require more preparation by the coach, which is affected by the number of attendees. As a courtesy, it would be appreciated if you give notice of your absence.

Private Lessons

Individual students receive their own time slots on their schedule that is designated for their lesson. Lessons are pre-charged in blocks of 5 lessons minimum. If absence notice is given by 9pm of the night before the scheduled lesson, 50% of the lesson fee can be recuperated. In either case the child may attend a drop-in as a courtesy makeup for any lessons missed.

Semi-Private lessons

Missed class policies are generally similar to that of individual private lessons, but may be tailored for each set of training partners.




Payments for sessions are due upon attendance of first class. If you decide not to continue after the first class, a full refund will be issued. After the second class, a partial refund less membership/insurance and cost of classes taken will be provided. If no notice is given prior to the beginning of the third class, no refund will be given. Note: the class number is counted from your first visit to the gym, including drop-in and trial classes.