StarJumper CDWritten by a gymnastics coach, the songs in this CD feature
gymnastics-specific lyrics and/or go with basic actions the children
would learn in class. Most of the songs use the tune of popular children
songs to make the learning fun and easy. The target audience for this
CD is preschool gymnasts, but the music can be appreciated by gymnasts
up to the age of 10.

Songs and Descriptions:

Time for Gymnastics Starting class song Original composition Use as a call to gather kids/ start warm up/ circle time, etc.
Frere Gymnast Mini Anthem Frere Jacques An uplifting hurrah to all the aspiring gymnasts out there
Tada! Action song Original composition Highlighting the Tada (present/salute position gymnastics)
Itsy Bitsy Medley Action song Itsy Bitsy Spider and Rain,Rain Go Away Do 1st verse using squat to stand and use straddle on floor for 2nd verse
Shapes Song Action song Original composition Teaches the basic gymnastic shapes with song
Roll Over Background/Learning Ten in the Bed Teaches different types of gymnastic rolls with song
Wobbly Bridge Background/Learning London Bridge Teaches what NOT to do in a gymnastic bridge
Fishies in the Rainbow Sea Parachute/Action song Farmer in the Dell Children stand on top of parachute and do the actions on each colour specified by the lyrics
Teddy Bear-achute Parachute/Action song Teddy Bear Skipping Rhyme Everyone holds the parachute handles and do the actions specified by the lyrics
If you Like to do Gymnastics End of class/Action song If you’re Happy and You Know it Do the 3 verses with accompanying actions.